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10 Must Haves To Earn $30k a Month Online

10 Must Haves To Earn $30k a Month Online

Most online marketers fail to make any significant amount of money, and although they dream about making $8k, $10k, $30k and beyond per month online, most have never done it, and sadly never will. In this article I am sharing what I learned from my entrepreneurial endeavors. It is intended as a starting point for launching and growing your online sales. It cannot give you all inclusive details of how each step works, but it will give you insight into what is actually required to earn viable income. This is a list of musts that need to be in place to produce that type of money monthly using social media.
1. You must advertise. Start off free then increase to paid, gradually building up the daily dollar amount spent. Note: If you can’t sell your product or service with free forms of advertising you will not be able to do it with paid advertising. The difference between free and paid is simply the amount of people you can reach.
2. You must have a system. It is the process from which you go from acquiring customers to getting the product/service to them. You must learn what the A – Z steps you will need to take your prospect who turns customer through to complete the process of being unknown to her to her purchasing from you to finally delivering to her what she ordered. You will then wash, rinse and repeat this same exact process countless times.
3. You must have an opt in form. You will need it to follow up with prospects and customers. Most customers do not become your customer when they first see what you have to offer.  At that point they are a prospect. You will follow up with them until they become a customer. Once they become a customer, continue to follow up to sell them other products and services.
4. You must learn how to create sales pages, or hire someone to make it for you. This is a very valuable skill to learn because of the difficulty in doing these types of pages. It is expensive to pay a copywriter to do it for you.
5. You must stay visible in front of your target market. If they don’t see you, they will forget about you.

6. You must work from a mindset of belief, strong work ethic and persistence. The journey is long and hard, but worth it.
7. You must be willing to spend money, and risk losing it. Great rewards require great risk.
8. You must be willing to work even when you don’t feel like it. The sacrifice to accomplish this is high, and it includes working many times, day and night, even if you don’t want to.
9. You must have a network/team. You cannot do everything by yourself, you will need others to help you. That help can come from assistants, part-time employees, or even a network marketing team.
10. You must have laser focus on the end result. If you have no goal, then you have no target, and if you have no target you’ll never get what you want.
Once you understand these things, you will understand, if you haven’t hit these milestones yet, why you haven’t. I challenge you to make sure you have/do everything on this list, then learn how to bring all of these steps together, then take massive action to implement!

Executive Coach Dawn Ali is an author, speaker, and trains on weight, wellness, Law of Attraction, spirituality and 6 figures in 6 months.

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