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10 Tips For Effective Communication

10 Tips For Effective Communication

~ Use one or all depending on your level of expertise  ~

  1. Record your voice during a conversation. Play back the recording to hear what your voice sounds like. Note: this is how you sound when others hear you speak. Don’t panic, most people do not like the sound of their voice when they hear the recording.
  2. Accept the sound of your voice (high, low, etc…) and make corrections where needed in articulation (use phonics correctly) and pronunciation (use syllables in the correct order).
  3. Listen for “filler words” such as: uh, um, like, and, so, you know, or words/phrases you use continuously in a sentence. Count the frequency of use then lessen their usage. Note: filler words are fine if they are not used excessively.
  4. Critique your recording and repeat steps 1-3 until you have achieved your desired speaking outcome.
  5. Ask someone with speech expertise to critique your communication skills. Accept the constructive criticism and make corrections as needed.
  6. Read to increase your vocabulary. However, only use words you know and use them in the proper context.
  7. Avoid slang or ‘texting type’ language in business settings. (This includes verbal and written.)
  8. Engage in conversations with different genders and different personalities to ensure you can adapt in multiple settings.
  9. Maintain eye contact and use natural gestures. (Body language is a part of communication.)
  10. Video and critique your progress. Then celebrate your effective communication success!

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