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Should Any Real Estate Salesperson Be Your Buyers Agent?

Should Any Real Estate Salesperson Be Your Buyers Agent?

If it is one thing my friends and associates know about me is the fact that I LOVE Real Estate. It has been a passion of mine since I could remember. I post videos and stories all of the time.

Recently I was in a discussion with associates from other businesses and one stated.. “An agent is an agent and it does not matter who you choose to help you purchase a property.” WOW was I flabbergasted. I understood their statement and told them 3 things that caused them to change their perspective.

  1. All agents are not created equal. Sure we all pass the same licensing test but no matter how many years you have been in the industry it’s the agents with the most passion for helping their client regardless of the commission that will earn your trust.


  1. Would you hire the first person that applied to your ad? Most people go with the first person that smiles and flashes a card when selecting an agent. Can you tell me of how many times you went with the first choice and wished you had done a bit of research?


  1. You feel better working with people referred by people you like. Family friends and associates have a feel for your taste and are more likely to share with you the people who have been successful for them.

Are you ready to buy or sell? They all laughed. That’s what friends are for.


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