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Hello, my name is Eileen Doyon

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Hello, my name is Eileen Doyon

Hello, my name is Eileen Doyon and I would like to introduce myself

Such easy words to say to someone, however, many of us have a challenging time saying those words to someone we have not met yet.

Network, you need to network.  We hear these words all the time now, but what does that mean we need to do.  With social media being our world now, make a new friend, introduce yourself to someone that wrote an article or post that caught your eye, even if they are in another country. The world is very small once you start getting out there.  Most people that are on social media are very helpful, considerate, and eager to increase their network as well.  If someone is looking for something and you can help them, email them, message them.  Helping one another, that is what life is all about.

I have so many people that I have connected with and are friends now.  If I am looking for  an answer to a question that I struck a wall with, I ask.  Never be embarrassed for what you do not know.  And share, share information with people to help them as well.  Keep paper at your fingertips and if someone is looking for something, make a note, try to help them.  You may find something weeks down the road.  Engage with people.

Go to social events, small and large. Start with the local  ones.  There are  many author, publishing, and other groups out there.  Go to a local book store or even box store and ask for their list of events and go!  You will find others just staring out writing or publishing as well.  Make a goal to meet three new people, and do it.  If you do not like to speak in front of people, introducing yourself to others in a group is a great way to start.  Ask people about themselves.  Why are you here, where do you live, have you been with this group or organization for awhile, what do you like most about it, are you an author, are you a publisher,  how did you get started?  Those are not challenging questions to ask.  YOU have a lot to bring to the group as well.  Ask someone to get a coffee and brainstorm with that person.  Remember, that is why they are there as well, to network.

Ok, now that you have your goal of connecting with someone new…….start with me….leave a message here or connect with me thru my social media….hello, my name is…………pleasure to meet you.

Be a light to someone today!


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