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3 ways to increase your social footprint

3 ways to increase your social footprint

 Let’s face it… You have a tremendous amount of knowledge in your area. Some of your associates even think you are operating in genius levels…That was a joke for those reading this to believe it to be true.
We all have our moments in the sunshine and the best part of it is the warmth WE feel knowing we have helped brighten someone’s day. It is always a reward to have someone reach out to you and tell you that something you may have said in passing or wrote long ago changed their outlook, attitude and life.
Some of us…..well our passion is to truly increase the happiness in those around us. That happiness can be a flower picked and given to someone we care about, an insight that takes our business clients to a more prosperous position, or volunteering for those less fortunate.
You wish you could be everywhere! With that said let’s explore 3 sensible ways to increase your social footprint.
1. Contact 5 blog firms a month and ask to be one of their bloggers. (60 firms a year with one article or more a month equals ….. you do the math)
2. Volunteer to speak at any engagement or event in your area once monthly. (does not have to be in your industry)
3. GOOGLE The Prayer Of Jabez and apply it to our time in history..

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