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Labor Day, Celebrate YOUR Labor on Writing

Labor Day, Celebrate YOUR Labor on Writing

The first Monday in September, Labor Day.  Really look at your calendar and see the entire month ahead with all the little boxes/days ahead…….days of Labor, your labor.

Mark each day or even once a week, YOUR plan, to write your labor for the month.   Get started.  Whatever your schedule is, stick to it.  It will be worth it.

Find a place where writing is the best for you and just start.  Your pen will follow your heart and go.  Keep a notepad near your nightstand.  During the night if you wake up with ideas or thoughts, you will be able to write them down.  I found that I did that a lot.  Sometimes if I had a challenge sleeping with thoughts running thru my head, I got up and started writing and planning.

And planning.  How will you publish your book?  Will you self-publish, will you start with magazines, blogs, so many opportunities.   Topics for another time.

Labor Day, yes, let’s celebrate, but think about you….your writings….your book….and the labor that goes along with it.  It will truly be worth it.

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