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Do You Practice Magic?

Do You Practice Magic?

Magic!!! Who did not like a great magic show as a kid?

Some things we all loved. The only thing about magic was that after all of the tricks we knew it to not be true. But what if their was a form of magic that was true.

A form that we all share and use daily without even thinking about it. That form of magic is the power of positive thinking along with imagining outcomes.

Okay, so to prove this I want you to run a simple test, twice a day for three days. Now if you decide to do this test more often than twice a day it may happen faster.

Write down a name of someone you would like to get in contact with from your past. Every morning and evening hold it in your hand and *say aloud (* For Best Results) or in your mind: “I knew that I was going to come in contact with you somehow once I put my mind to it”

Sounds simple enough right. Some of you have used this technique or a form of it in the past and it worked. What if you could do this same thing on a BIGger scale? You Can! Most successful people use this technique with a 1, 2, 3 approach.

  1. Write down their goals
  2. Review them daily taking action
  3. Imagining them completed and the way they will feel when accomplished.

Practice Magic!

I am not an expert….I just happen to make sense…






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