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Making YOUR dream of book writing come true!

Making YOUR dream of book writing come true!

You have your idea for your book….you started writing…..you are looking into self-publishing…..and then you hear it…..the little voice inside your head that says to you….What are you doing, you cannot write a book, who do you think you are, no one will read it, you are just a dreamer.  Do not be your own worst enemy.

Yes, YOU are a dreamer!  That is how success wins.  YOU can do this.  YOU need to have positive self talk to yourself.  Every successful person started out with a dream.  YOU need to tell  yourself three  positive things each and every morning about yourself and your book and then push the metal to the peddle.

Make a “to do” list and follow it.  That is your road map.  YOU have to take action.  YOU cannot just sit idle or you will sit there forever……..move and take action!

Network with authors, bloggers, and publishers.  Get out there on social media.  The world is at your fingers tips.  If you hit a wall about something you are working on, do a “Google” search!

Be your own best cheerleader!  When I got my idea for my book series, Unforgettable Faces and Stories, I trusted my gut.  I jumped right in and went for it.  YOU can too.

I also used book stores for resources.  I would take an hour or two and look at other books with similar content of what my idea was.  I would get ideas, look at book covers, and read the reviews.

Next week, we will talk more about networking with others and also, being a resource for them.

Be a light for someone today!


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