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Motivational Monday is here!!!

Motivational Monday is here!!!

Today is my first morning sharing with all of you.  When was the last time you did something for the first time?  You weren’t sure on everything, you were nervous, you thought about things prior day in and day out…..but you did it!  Was it perfect, no…was it engaging, yes…..were you excited, yes, and were you satisfied, no….there was more that you wanted to do, and you learned more.

That is what writing a book is all about.  Do you know every single thing to do, no, but do  it anyway.  I started with my first book in 2013 and self-published.  That is a story for another time.  Did I know exactly what I was doing, no.  Did I do everything correct, no, but I did it anyway and I started!!!!

Are you thinking about writing and publishing a book?  Get started….do something today and learn and grow.

I will be sharing with you every Monday steps along the way for YOU!  YOU can do this too.

Have a fabulous week and look forward in sharing more next Monday!

Be a light for someone today!


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