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Mentor Invite

Mentor Invite

Marketing Most Likely Brought You Here!

Are you an entrepreneurial blogger about

business, health, finances or wellness?

GRAND Re-Opening Monday January 7th 2019


We will market your blogs with backlinks to your website from our platform!

Format: Share 5 – 12 of your blogs via *email or website link ( *email provided upon registration )  for us to copy and paste or log in to create, paste your post every Monday.

Rules: Motivate, Inspire, Instruct, Teach & leave your personal website or contact info at bottom of post. Market through stories or tips. Video and Audio also acceptable.

Articles:  minimum five or more posts that continuously will be marketed from our site! (You can submit up to 12 and we will do the work for you.)

Cost: Nothing…. Anyone visiting your personal site from your blogpost is yours to keep 🙂 

Value: You also receive a mentor page, brief bio and links to your website. (See Example Below)


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