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Mentor Invite

Mentor Invite

Marketing Most Likely Brought You Here!

Are you an entrepreneurial blogger about

business, health, finances or wellness?

Join Us In 2020!

We will market your blogs with backlinks to your website from our platform!

Format: Share 5 – 12 of your blogs via *email or website link   for us to copy and paste OR log in to create your post every Monday.

Rules: Motivate, Inspire, Instruct, Teach & leave your personal website or contact info at bottom of post. Market through stories or tips. Video and Audio also acceptable.

Articles:  minimum five or more posts that continuously will be marketed from our site! (You can submit up to 12 and we will do the work for you.)

Cost: Nothing…. Anyone visiting your personal site from your blogpost is yours to keep 🙂 

Value: You also receive a mentor page, brief bio and links to your website.

Lets Get Started! 


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