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Physical Activity…You Gotta Have It!! 

Physical Activity…You Gotta Have It!! 

We get up everyday, Breathe fresh air and go about our daily routine or finish tasks on our list…….

Do me a favor and check to see if physical activity is on your list…. (I’ll wait) ….. .(whistling)…. :)Do you know why I am waiting… because it is important!  Yes, regular physical activity is crucial to our quality of life and here’s why…

1. Weight Loss – Physical activity helps burn calories which can aid in weight loss or actively managing weigh gain.  The more you increase your heart rate the more calories you will burn.  Effective activity is important.

GET that HEART rate up HIGH!!!!

2. Improves Your Mood – Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals leaving you feeling happier and more relaxed.  Now who does not want that??
This is the way to be more effective with our “NO Negativity” challenge 🙂  When you are physically active and you are feeling good and possibly losing weight or maintaining a healthy body a crazy thing happens usually….your confidence levels increase and you typically feel a boost of your self esteem!!!

Now that is awesome

3. Decrease occurrence of negative health conditions – Physical activity keeps your blood flowing which decreases cardiovascular disease.  It boosts good cholesterol levels and decreases unhealthy triglycerides.  Triglycerides is a type of fat found in the blood. Our body takes any unused calories and converts them to triglycerides. Too high of a level of triglycerides increases risk for heart disease.  Other common conditions that are decreased by regular physical activity are high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and arthritis to name a few.

4.Energy Booster – Ever struggle with not having enough energy? Well regular physical activity delivers oxygen and nutrients to our tissue to improve our cardiovascular system. This in turn improves muscle strength and endurance.  GOOD HEART, GOOD LUNGS….more ENERGY!!!

5. Who wants to sleep better? – Get some regular exercise in  and watch your sleep patterns regulate.  Note – try not to exercise too close to bedtime.  This could have an adverse effect on the body and awaken you like caffeine.

6. Spark up your SEX Life –  Physical activity boosts energy and increases endorphins and can enhance arousal for women and decrease ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. You’ve got your confidence so spark it up!!

Having a hard time getting some sort of physical activity in??

Well let me assure you it is not necessary to work our for hours. Actually studies have shown working out too long can have an adverse affect on your body.  Typically a good 25-30 mins is sufficient 3-4 times weekly.  Everyone is different so you can monitor your body reaction and consult a physician if you are concerned or starting a new workout. Physical Activity is great for any Age!! If you can’t do High Intensity check out my next blog for some easy options… But Give it a Shot if you are not already doing it!!


Interested in more tips?

Visit my website or next week here on MondaysWeMentor for part two.

“What can you do that is easy?”

Ali Carter www.ZEBYALI.com

Be Animately Existent!!


Auf Geht’s!!! No stop! let’s do it becuase we love ourselves enough to 🙂


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