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Publishing….where do I start?

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Publishing….where do I start?

You started your book and you know that you need to  find out how you are going to publish it.  Where do you start?

That was confusing for me at first.  I had no idea where to begin.  So I started by networking!  I found someone that I felt comfortable with and scheduled an appointment to meet.  He gave me an overview and a menu of services that he offered.  The language was foreign to me at first.  I went on line and reviewed as much information about him and his company that I could and thus began my journey.  I went step by step.  Would I do differently if I could go back, absolutely.

As I went thru the process of publishing, it was so very interesting to me.  The set up of the book, the inserts, the cover, the back page, the edits, decisions………decisions.  It was overwhelming but exciting, and I did learn a lot.  Then all the PR you have to decide on.  Where will your book be sold?  How much will it be out on social media and where?  Do you have an author page? How much will your book retail for?  When will your launch date be?  How much do you want to invest?  You want the best and most exposure, and yet, you are on a budget and do the best you can.


If you are  in a situation that you can hire a publisher, that is great!  I did not have that luxury.  There are some things you need to know about hiring a publishing company.  Sometimes, you are not the one to choose the cover, the back page, or even what is written outside of “your story”.  You only own your words of creation.  I could not do that.  I wanted more control but I had to take the negative with that as well.  I had to get in front of my target audience and that is a lot of networking.

Once your book is released, then you promote, promote, promote.  You go to local book stores, participate in any author events that you can even if only two people are there, you get interviewed by your local newspaper, you get in front of whoever you can to promote your book, and get reviews!

Writing and publishing a book is a lot of work, but worth it.  I just released my seventh book and have learned a lot about publishing and still much more to learn.  I self publish now and that is my next topic.

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