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Realty Experts

Realty Experts

Realty Expert: www.DaniellePierce.com

Danielle Pierce: Women, Wealth & Real Estate – Her tagline says it all. This Monday Mentor  aka “The Wealth Strategist” is your go to person for help with business launching, business building, business credit and making money in real estate outside of sales. 

If you want to become a BOSS, you are in the right place!

Author, Speaker, Wealth Strategist, CEO!


Realty Expert: www.ArvelynSellsAtlanta.com

Arvelyn Lewis: Passion! Capital “P” just like in Property. You are in good hands when you find a person that is passionate about what you want to accomplish. Arvelyn knows just like people no two deals are alike.

Every person involved is special in their needs. Whatever is required to get the smallest to the largest deal done is a great accomplishment. Some files need more thread to hold them together than others. Yet, each one is just as elated as the next when it’s done.