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Self Publishing – Does That Mean All By Myself?

Self Publishing – Does That Mean All By Myself?

Self Publishing. We hear it all the time but what does it really mean.  You can hire someone as a “Self Publisher” and they become the middle person as I talked about in my post from last week.  There comes a fee for that and rightfully so.  Or you can choose to self publish by yourself thru Create Space.

I chose that route.  Create Space provides a step by step process to follow and they have a great support team for questions.  I  still have a marketing person that does the layout for me, however, Create Space can do that for you as well.

It is exciting to see your “proof” come thru the computer, and then you watch, somehow by magic, your masterpiece appear in front of you.  It is so very exciting to see your creation from start to finish and to go thru the process.  Then you get your “book proof” in the mail.  How exciting!  You get to feel, touch, and see your book.  You are so proud and should be.  You no longer think about the days and nights you spent working on your masterpiece.  It just does not matter.  You get to hit the button that says “approved” and your book is complete and is ready to be purchased on Amazon.

Is the process worth it, absolutely.  With today’s technology, self publishing gives you so many options.  There are many businesses and people that will give you a menu of things to select from.  You need to do your homework and research and go for it.

Still thinking about writing a book……start…..write…..network…..choose how to publish…..market…..and push the pedal to the metal and do it!  Because….. YOU can.

Be a light for someone today,


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