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Thats It! I QUIT!

Thats It! I QUIT!

After your alarm clock rings and your cell phone buzzes, you realized it is time to go to work, better
known as hell. You question yourself as you roll out of bed, take your shower, brush your teeth and then
you ponder that last chance of getting back in bed, when you remember you get paid in three days. The
truth is in all of our professional or nonprofessional careers we have hated a job. Ultimately, disliking
your job can be the reality, yet quitting should not be your solution. You can resign from your employer
in writing to avoid the impression of professional immaturity.

Employers will contact previous employers (if you check the yes box on your application) asking if you
are eligible to be rehired. If all or some of the previous employers indicates you quit without notice, this
information will most likely be viewed as negative or questionable. Several thoughts are common in this
situation: will they quit on me as well? Does this employee have a temper issue? Were they about to get
fired, so are they quit trying to save face? I can guarantee you the employer will question your loyalty if
all your previous employers indicated you quit without notice.

An official or formal resignation should be submitted electronically or on paper, preferably typed. The
resignation letter/email should include:
 The date the letter is written along with your last day of work
 All items that will be returned upon your exit (office keys, associate discount card, cell phone,
company vehicle or any other items you were issued during your time of employment)
 Reason for resignation (If you want to say why you are leaving)
 Your name, mailing address and contact information

A copy of this letter/email should be given to all members of management and the human resource
department. I suggest this to my clients, as one letter to a busy manager can find its travel to the trash,
the moat of papers beside that dusty folder, or into the shredder. Notifying all the important parties of
your departure shows your desire to leave with clear lines of communication highlighting your
willingness to communicate and cooperate at the end of your employment.

Be Blessed.

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