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The Power of Persuasion and Leverage on Social Media by Dawn Ali

The Power of Persuasion and Leverage on Social Media by Dawn Ali

To sell effectively, you have to become excellent at using Persuasion and Leverage.
Persuasion is being able to convince people to do what you need for them to do, for the benefit of all. Becoming an expert persuader will not only benefit your business and your customers, but will benefit your entire life.  It is the art of getting people online and offline, family, friends, customers and others to do what you want them to do, but of course, it should always benefit all people involved.  When you sell a quality product or service, you are helping your customers. It is your job to convince them that they will benefit from buying your product or service.
Leverage is when you use information, resources, etc., often times not your own, to get you to the top to benefit yourself and others. Again, like with persuasion, it can be used in all types of situations with different people.
Here are examples of how to use persuasion and leverage on social media:
  • Persuasion: You can use social media, such as Facebook, to conduct market research by posting a question. Ask people to leave their answers in the comments.  Ideally, the question can be related to data that you want to collect from your target audience and you can use their answers to tell you what you need to know.  Furthermore, the people who answered are now your prospects.
  • Leverage: Once you have the above answers you can create future posts that target your prospects (the people who answered the previous post) based on their previous responses.  You can now craft future posts in a way that makes you look like an authority figure or expert in your business field.  Each post will supply more and more information to your prospects (leading them to finally make a favorable buying decision) as they begin to see you as a person who knows what she is talking about, and start to gain trust in you.
Now, take what you’ve learned above and use it in your social media posts and videos, on different social networks. This is additional ammunition to consciously use to help you gain your prospects trust and loyalty so that you can close the deal.  You will be helping them, and they will be helping you all at the same time, without looking like a used car salesman.

Executive Coach Dawn Ali is an author, speaker, copywriter, and trains on weight, wellness, Law of Attraction, spirituality, and 6 figures in 6 months.

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Dawn Ali: Forbes Coaches Council Member and Executive Coach Dawn Ali, is an author, speaker, and trains on weight, wellness, confidence, happiness, Law of Attraction, spirituality and 6 figure$ in 6 months. She shares positive motivating tips and small action steps to get you out of your comfort level at a pace that fits your needs.

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