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Tell Me About Yourself- TMAY

Tell Me About Yourself- TMAY

Topic Tell Me about Yourself (TMAY)

It is Monday 7:45 a.m., you are dressed in your best suit, teeth brushed and hair flawlessly styled, you are ready to tear up your interview for your dream job. You have researched the company and know why it is a great fit for you. The company is financially sound and has growth potential. According to Glassdoor.com, your dream company is a reality. During your interview, the hiring manager or human resource asks you the #1 question that causes anxiety and anguishes for millions of people; tell me about yourself?

Now rewind time to, Sunday at 3 pm (the day before your interview) when you decided you would practice your elevator speech answering questions with facts, skills and scenarios that would prove your value in the interview. You decided preparing for the hardest question was more important than watching the new episode of King of Thrones.

Highlighting your skills with scenarios is the way you express your likely respond in the real work environment. Showing how you have mastered your skill of managing various generations of employees, controlling over 30 million dollars of revenue and decreasing loss by 3% YTD  due to the 15 years of management experience in various genres of sales would ensure the interviewer knows you are well equipped to handle their sales manager position. TMAY is a way you seal the deal for employment. Your resume makes your phone ring for the interview; TMAY lands the job and assists with salary negotiations if done properly.

Be Blessed,

Debraca Russell MBA, CPCC

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