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What Can You Do That’s Easy?

What Can You Do That’s Easy?

What can you do that is easy???

*Physical Activity continued*

(and you won’t even need a gym membership)

  • Go for a walk– Not just a walk where you are talking the entire time… Go for a BRISK walk. Use your arms to push you and get that heart rate soaring! you should be breathing harder and find it hard to hold a conversation. Remember you can chat during your cool down and afterwards over your protein smoothie. ūüôā
  • Jump rope – Simple but effective.¬† Good for arms, legs, heart rate etc…. (find an inexpensive one at a local sporting good store like Academy or retail store like Target, Walmart etc…)
  • Jumping Jacks – These have same affect as Jumping rope.¬† If you can’t jump due to knee injuries do a modified jack with a knee lift instead.¬† Just as effective.

  • Push-ups – Do you want to get your heart rate up and build strength?¬† Do you dream of having those arms you see on tv or in magazines and wonder how do they look like that?¬† Well an easy way is push-ups.¬† Our own body weight is a terrific workout machine without needing a gym.
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator into the office or store.
  • Park your car further from the entrance and take that brisk walk
  • Run/Jog– Go for a run if you are inclined to.¬† Make sure to push yourself at the end with a nice sprint.
  • Do Sprints – find a track or an open paved area and do 50+meter sprints at least 8 times.¬† Making sure to run through the end.¬† Sprints are an awesome way to get a good workout in and effectively work every part of your body.
  • Biking – If you have a bike, dust it off.¬† Pump up those tires, adjust the seat and have at it.¬† Try a spin class if you have a gym membership.
  • Hiking or other outdoor activities – Speed up that hike, challenge yourself! Get that blood pumping! If you are anything like me, you love to be outdoors and in the element.¬† Natural air is an amazing detoxifier.¬† But we’ll hit on that in another blog:)
  • Household chores – Spruce up those household chores. Add some squats and lunges when you are moping or sweeping.¬† Do some calf raises when you dust or vacuum. Do leg lifts while doing dishes or cooking dinner. Housework does not have to be mundane.
  • If you are out with the kids… Go with them to the arcade and shoot some hoops for tickets… Better yet get on that dancing game. ¬†I am telling YOU!! you will be winded, but laughing so hard. ¬†So it is a triple win… You get some cardio in, Laugh and have fun releasing positive endorphins and you spend time with kids which is alwaysa a blessing.
  • and add some YOGA to your routine. ¬†You will thank yourself later… It is such a full body rewarding activity. ¬†Without knowing it you boost your heart rate up, tone those small muscles that are so intricate in supporting the big muscles we all want…oHHHHHH and the flexibility. ¬†There are endless benefits to flexibility. ¬†Not just flexibility in body, but in Mind also. ¬†We will talk about that more next week. ¬†So be sure to check back.

There are so many ways to get some physical activity in… Now you just have to do it ūüôā
Let me know what you do on a regular basis, I have some cool workouts. ¬†Here is one I will share with you….

Ali’s 35 min HIIT workout

Stretch – Yoga overhead
touch toes
quad stretch
Warm up
30 seconds – high knee raises
30 seconds – butt kicks
30 seconds – power jumping jacks
jog 1-2 minutes
Work out (2-3 sets)
7 minutes
1 minute – squad kicks
30 seconds – power jumping jacks
1 minute – reverse lunge
30 seconds – power jumping jacks
30 seconds – punches
30 seconds – power jumping jacks
30 seconds – push ups
30 seconds – power jumping jacks
30 seconds – mountain climbers
30 seconds – power jumps
30-45 second plank
30 second burpees
3 minute break
repeat set
3 minute break
1-2 minute jog
Child’s pose
Downward facing dog
Warrior one
and that is it.  you are done.  Each Yoga pose try to go deeper into it. practice focusing on your breathing only.  Watch the sweat rolllllll out.  You are cleansing and detoxifying your Body and Mind!

I love y’all!!

Till next time!


Ali Carter www.ZEBYALI.com

Be Animately Existent!!



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