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What is the objective of your objective statement

What is the objective of your objective statement

Most objective statements contain soft words such as “ability to use my expertise, my skills to increase, or … for your company” with the intention to relay to the employer (hiring manager) or human resource personnel you have what they need. Unfortunately, after reading 50 resumes for one position, the reader will begin to lose hope with the process, especially if every candidate uses google, copy and paste, or “Do-It- Yourself”, resumes creating this statement.

Your resume should be tailored to your industry of choice. A headline statement could encompass your “WOW”. The headline statement should have hard hitting facts about why you are the candidate for the job. If you are in sales, your statement could speak of how you reduce loss by increasing sales with your new five step process. This information is just as juicy for the reader as the “wow” during your face-to-face interview like your study abroad trip or the fact that you delivered a baby on the highway.

Ensure your headlining statement uses realistic powerful adjectives such as “accomplished” or “certified”,  followed with the type of certification or what you accomplished in a specific time frame; Just as the forward to a book captures a reader’s attention, the headline statement should do the same for an employer. The objective statement is no longer what employers want to see when the information relayed is nothing more than a carbon copy of an unoriginal thought.

As a certified professional career coach, I attend several webinars, online trainings and speak with managers in all career fields to remain current in the resume industry. Agape Career Counseling Group partners with our clients to build a living resume that they can be proud to present. I encourage my clients to put their best foot forward at all times and that includes their resume.


Be Blessed.

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