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Workplace Violence: What it is and how to respond.

Workplace Violence: What it is and how to respond.

Once upon a time in a far, far away place there was no violence, sickness or death. The role-model
citizens worked 40hours-per- week and went home to their perfect house that protected their perfect
family. This ideal society exists in the galaxy over the rainbow and through the rabbit hole. On planet
Earth, violence is to life as air is to lungs is the unfortunate tone in today’s society. We are suffering in an
violent epidemic culture.

Workplace violence has consistently risen since the early 90’s when the term “going postal” was coined.
Going postal has been the response for angered and jilted employees to find resolution or one could
even say “revenge” unleased on the masses of coworkers. Who is responsible for protecting innocent
by-standers, customers or employees in the business world; security officers, police officers or
employers? Employers are responsible for protecting the work environment legally, by only employing
persons they feel are not a threat. If an employer hires a person they know is dangerous and a negative
situation occurs, the injured party that suffers mentally, physically or emotionally can hold the employer
financially liable with intentional tort claims.

Intentional torts occur when a person intentionally acts in a certain way that leads to another person’s
injury. There are several intentional torts recognized by most states, including battery, assault, false
imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, trespass to land, and conversion

In an effort to maintain safety in the work, some employers use 3 rd party agencies to perform credit
checks also known as background checks with the motivation of predicting a potential threat by knowing
past experiences. Employees are also encouraged to report activity they feel could lead to threatening
behavior. Every person can play a role in workplace safety by using communication. Threatening
behaviors that should be reported are verbal or written threats, physical altercations or hostile
interactions that leave you fearful.

If you feel threatened it is probably for just cause. Reporting the
incident is how we all can play our part in keeping the workplace safe.

Be Blessed,

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