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Your network is your net worth

Your network is your net worth

Networking is a huge tool that can reap countless results. Networking and I have a love-hate relationship. I love networking as it allows me to meet new people and learn new things. Exposure to new ideas, concepts and theories is priceless in today’s society. Most of the wealthiest people believe networking and learning from people is priceless.

On the other side of love is the hate so in that regard, I call on my network when I need a new employer for my clients. I don’t dislike networking, I just choose our interactions carefully. Networking is the art of meeting others and learning about them. After you listen about their careers, personal, and professional mottos, you share the details of your employment, experiences, or goals. This exchange of information can prove fruitful if used wisely.

Personally, I have received inside job offers from networking events. If someone likes what you’re saying, curiosity could lead him or her to inquire if you are in the market for a new career.  If you are looking to start your encore career – listen up! Business cards and networking should be your friend; it allows others to see how much you can mingle outside of your age bracket. If you are over 40-years-old, employers want to know you are still “hip” enough to manage millennials.

Are you in touch professionally with their needs, styles of communication, and social norms? Networking events found on Evite or Meetup are usually free and worth the investment of time.

One important rule to remember when networking is not to air out the dislikes for your current job or manager. Speaking to a total stranger about the gripes of your current employer could land you in the office with the dunce hat on. People are connected through social media and other people.

Be open to meeting new people and learning new things. Networking is the new form of gas for your employment car.

Be Blessed

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